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Cherry Blossoms

Sara Mercier-Kennedy


     I am LGBTQIA+ Therapist and CES student who embraces geek culture and believes in developing a trusting and cooperative environment for my students and supervises.


    My own coming out was a long and arduous process.  It was not easy, even with accepting family members and a strong support network, mainly because there were other factors that no one had considered that played into that process.  If it was not for the insight and observations of some of my teachers, I might not have been able to embrace who I am today fully.  My high school world history teacher was the first to point me down the path of psychology and sociology, but it was not until many years later that I finally understood why.  I owe much of my current success to his understanding and honest nature.


      That experience, like many others, led me to become the person I am today.  The desire to help others led me to pursue the degrees I now hold.  Those degrees led me to my love of teaching.  Teaching is not just about educating but also about cultivating new ideas and new skills.  


     While I, like anyone, come to this profession with my own beliefs and ideas of what makes me a successful teacher, I also bring with me the values that my counselor identity has instilled in me—building a trusting environment and creating a safe space where learning can be embraced.  Much like my counseling objective, my objective is to create a safe, empathetic, and understanding environment in which to learn.  This plays nicely into my eclectic methodology, which guides me into understanding that learning experiences are subjective and need to transcend our inherent biases.

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